The new trend - Get back to simple!

The current trend in the technology world calls for things to get back to the bare basics of computing; this trend has actually been taking place for several years but it seems to be actually picking up momentum in both the consumer and enterprise world. The trend can be seen in devices, services and software everywhere for example:

  • Google Search - A very basic web page for the most part a text box and a button.
  • iOS (aka iPad/iPhone) - not a full PC lacks lots of capabilities however they have solved the install problem where any user can install software without running setup; also they got rid of browser extensions (no toolbars and browser helpers)
  • Google Chrome - a very lightweight and simple browser without a heavy menu or toolbar (people for the most part love it). Yes IE9 follows this pattern and even in beta it is very popular.
  • Twitter - a very simple short microblogging site
  • Cloud Computing Models (Windows Azure, Amazon, etc) - simplify IT infrastructure and allow the business to focus on running applications; not purchasing, securing and aquiring hardware.

Everywhere I look I see the ability to do less and focus on a few task becoming increasingly popular in the technology industry.  The next product or application you deploy think about how to take more features out and focus on the core functions. In other words make it simple and if the trend holds up your product and service will gain a lot of momentum.

Happy Coding