TiVO still in DirectTV out

I think I am just getting old and cranky.  First of all TiVO seems to have removed the trial of pop ads from my service.  Thank you TiVO for responding to your customers!  I still love my TiVO.  :-)

DirectTV on the other hand just lost my business after I have been a customer for the past 3.5 years over $20.00 dispute with me as a customer.  I have never had a billing dispute or an issue with my bill, but when customer service gives me three completly three different stories (I will spare you the long drawn out details), about my bill where I ended up paying $80 in fees (even though I did not agree or understand them and still don't, I just paid because I really didn't feel like dragging it out), they would not waive a $20.00 late charge (buried in fees that I paid).

Oh well that is what I love about choices.  Comcast cable was happy to give me a great deal for the first year, and come remove the satellite dish from my house.  I was sad to see it go, but I refuse to deal with bad customer service and that something the rep at DirectTV did not understand.

My point to blogging this experience:  Customer service is everything!  Relationship is king.

Maybe I will get back to posting technical useful content instead of rants on my MSDN blog. (hmm)

Happy living!