"Brett" Unplugged - Still no posts

I thought I’d follow up our last post with a quick update as to Brett’s foray in to the blogging world.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a few areas of motion:
- We’ve had some further category refinement. This should come as no surprise, categories are the fundamental stumbling block.
- A little bit of a setback in the area of links. Brett learned that one can link to other blogs from his own blog, which of course opens up the inevitable “who should I link to” can of worms. Hopefully no categorization of links will be done, for that can do nothing but set us back even further.
- Brett indicated (on more than one occasion) that I’d not get more than one additional post out on him, because before long, there’d be a post up there. It’s now the second week of June. This was uttered in early May. I’m not holding my breath.
- A lot of mockery. Over a multitude of forums, Brett has been mocked for his lack of progress. But I think this mockery really serves as a form of encouragement
     - Michael Kaplan talks about Brett some.
     - Adi Oltean briefly added Brett as a blog he doesn’t read, but that has since been removed.
- Category disablement came to light. Brett had me make some late-night modifications to my blog to see how changes over time would react. This was mostly done in the area of category rename and deletion. He came to the conclusion that while cateogires can be deleted, this is not ideal as they are no longer listed (rather than just deprecated). Perhaps a concern to raise to the blogging owners, you know, when he has an actual post.
- Perhaps some progress. Brett learned that you can update the category of a post after the fact, perhaps allowing him to start blogging w/o a final category list. This was a major win, a step forward.
- A potential bug has been found. It’s been reported that some RSS readers actually crash when pointing to Brett’s blog as they don’t expect an empty feed (who subscribes to an empty feed?). While I wish I can report this as a rumor, sadly I’m told it is true. I’ll get some links to bugs that are filed as they are filed.
- Brett was asked to write a post for a team blog, a single post on an area he is knowledgeable. That post isn’t done yet.
- He grew frustrated that he can’t control the order of his categories.
- When showing this list to Brett for his thoughts, he also added: “And it is worth mentioning that not having a place way to indicate a blog is in a \"funny\" category, is vexing me considerably.”

Looking ahead, I predict more issues:
- At some point he’ll realize that writing posts in Word and pasting in to the CS admin page doesn’t lay out well. That will be an 11th hour post deterrent I am sure.
- There will be one or two major category finds, perhaps a few added, I also predict some consolidation.

That’s all for today, catch you with the next update in August or so.