MVP summit has come and gone, but definitely left an impact

Last week was just crazy.
During the first part of the week I found myself working on a multitude of things. Nothing special to note.
Thurs/Fri/Sat (yes, I work weekends ;)) I spent mostly with MVPs at this year’s MVP Summit. All in all, I like the event. I get to talk to a smart group of people about our products and garner good feedback. We get a heck of a lot of “it would be better if….” sort of comments which are invaluable. I think parts of our products will improve as a result of summit (I know AD and ADAM will be better for it).

Most of my time is spent talking AD & ADAM, but I do cross in to other areas as well. I got to chat with our SBS MVPs (of course, Susan was there, as were countless others I don't have a link to I'm afraid) as well as random other MVPs I know and chat with (like Steve). All in all, a great few days, and a good use of time.

How did I spend my first post-summit hours? I went to bed. For 15 hours.