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Microsoft Issue 4
Welcome to another edition of the Hero Newsletter. Through this, we hope to bring you anything and everything IT-related happening around the region. This time’s newsletter is not only about IT Pro news on all the latest in Microsoft products and services but also about ideas, innovations, excellence, cool new tools, releases, announcements, exciting sessions and much more. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into this exciting and rewarding world of information. Enjoy!The Hero Team
Microsoft Innovate4Good event – April 8th and 9th at Movenpick
Dream it, Learn it, Live it… from Seattle to Cairo! With the backdrop of an eventful year that showcased to the world the dormant yet unlimited potential of Arab youth, Egypt was fittingly host to a gathering of top talented young change makers, bringing together 120 promising young faces from each corner of the Arab world (Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt). Innovate4Good was launched by Microsoft this year in the form of events around the world to support youth groups in designing and scaling their own ideas and building their networks for positive societal change. Ali Faramawy, Corporate Vice President of the Middle East and Africa region, delivered a powerful keynote, followed by an interactive showcase of innovative projects that youth attendees have created, leveraging the power of technology to solve the world’s toughest problems. From a wheelchair controlled by a Kinect senor, to a social network for NGOs, youth are showing that they are taking the future into their own hands, and dreaming, learning and living with more hope than ever before. You can check out more of these inspirational and innovative projects in this year’s Local Imagine Cup Finals on April 28th. Microsoft Innovate4Good event
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Microsoft OpennessMicrosoft has changed as a company and is becoming more open in the way that we work with and collaborate with others in the industry, in how we listen to customers, and in our approach to the cloud.We contribute to and partner with open source communities and promote interoperability to make it easier and less costly for customers to develop and manage mixed IT environments. We actively participate in the standards setting process and support established and emerging standards in our products.In the cloud, we support key standards that provide the building blocks for open, interoperable cloud services, and we support developer choice of programming languages. We support data portability and believe customers own and control their data, no matter where it residesRead full article
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