Shine your spark with Microsoft tools and resources

Sometimes it is really hard to dig for resources to do a project or to learn a new technology. Egypt tech talk is trying to collect the most important future technologies between your hands to let that innovation spark come out!!

If you are a web developer and you are confused between different web applications, which one of them to put on your website. Then, the best solution is to hit the Web App Gallery. It is the best solution to know more about Web apps and compare between them.

If you are a mobile application developer, then the best choice is to hit the Windows Phone SDK and learn more about development on windows Phone. You will find all you need to write world class mobile apps.

If you are looking to learn the future, hit the cloud with Windows Azure SDK. Get the tools for your own cloud toolbox and learn how to develop cloud apps.

Also, we are in Egypt Tech talk are aware of the importance of recourses availability in the developer life. Here we are trying to collect as much as we can of resources to put it in your hand.