Performance monitor counters for monitoring Named Properties and Replication Identifiers are not available in Exchange 2010

Assume you want to monitor the growth rate of the named properties or replication identifiers in public folders or mailbox databases in Exchange 2010.

You would want to follow the steps outlined in this KB article:

How to enable additional Exchange information store logging;EN-US;254606

Note: although the mdbperfx.dll exists in Exchange 2010 and the same steps can be applied, the following performance counters have been removed from Exchange 2010:


MSExchangeIS Mailbox\Rows in NamedProps Table

MSExchangeIS Mailbox\Rows in ReplidMap Table

MSExchangeIS Public\Rows in NamedProps Table

MSExchangeIS Public\Rows in ReplidMap Table


At the time of writing this post, there are no plans of re-introducing these counters back in Exchange 2010.


As a workaround you can query the number of namedprops of the public folder database with MFCMAPI:

1.Download MFCMAPI from on a workstation with an existing Outlook Profile.

2. Make sure that MFCMAPI is connecting in Online mode: Tools -> Options -> select both option like below:

3. Session -> Logon


4.Double click the „Public Folders –” to open the Public Folders node:


5.Highlight Public Root then select: Property -> Advanced -> „Count all named props“



6. In this example, the namedprops value lies at : 1194 out of 32767


Alternatively, you can also choose the option „Find all named Props (SLOW)…“  to examine the named properties table and try to investigate the root cause of the bloat.

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