Enterprise Features Exposed

I've been in some rather deep discussions on Enterprise features, so I thought I would share some findings on what they are, where they are, and what they do.

First, there are three different Enterprise features that can be enabled within a farm.  They are:

-Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features
-Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
-Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

Unlike most of SharePoint, these features are not hierarchical in nature (per se).  For instance, if you enable the Enterprise Web application features "feature", this does not mean that KPI lists will be available for all sites within that web application.  Likewise, enabling Enterprise Site Collection features "feature" will not install the Slide Library list template for all webs under your site collection.

So what DO the features do?

First a small plug for using PowerShell to help manage your SharePoint environments.  If you need a good place to start, check out my post on PowerShell Pack for SharePoint (PSP4SP) for a starter script with common SharePoint functions.  I used this script to generate the information within this post.

Ok, on to Enterprise Features:

Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features

Internal Feature Name:  PremiumWebApplication
Feature Id:  0EA1C3B6-6AC0-44aa-9F3F-05E8DBE6D70B


Feature Definition Id Feature Display Name
14173c38-5e2d-4887-8134-60f9df889bad PageConverters
1dbf6063-d809-45ea-9203-d3ba4a64f86d SearchAndProcess
d992aeca-3802-483a-ab40-6c9376300b61 BulkWorkflowTimerJob



Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features

Internal Feature Name:  PremiumSite
Feature Id:  8581A8A7-CF16-4770-AC54-260265DDB0B2


Feature Definition Id Feature Display Name


LocalSiteDirectorySettingsLink (adds a link to Site Directory in Site Settings)
14AAFD3A-FCB9-4bb7-9AD7-D8E36B663BBD LocalSiteDirectoryControl (registers a control: ~/_controltemplates/CreateSitePanel1.ascx)






IPFSSiteFeatures (InfoPath Forms Services - Fields, CTypes, and CustomAction menu items)


BizAppsSiteTemplates (Web Parts)





43F41342-1A37-4372-8CA0-B44D881E4434 BizAppsCTypes (Content Types for KPI List and Report Center)
5A979115-6B71-45a5-9881-CDC872051A69 BizAppsFields (Fields for KPI List and Report Center)
3CB475E7-4E87-45Eb-A1F3-DB96AD7CF313 ExcelServerSite

Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

Internal Feature Name:  PremiumWeb
Feature Id:  0806D127-06E6-447a-980E-2E90B03101B8

Feature Definition Id Feature Display Name
E8734BB6-BE8E-48A1-B036-5A40FF0B8A81 RelatedLinksScopeSettingsLink
56DD7FE7-A155-4283-B5E6-6147560601EE AnalyticsLinks
0BE49FE9-9BC9-409d-ABF9-702753BD878D SlideLibrary
065C78BE-5231-477e-A972-14177CC5B3C7 BizAppsListTemplates (KPI List)
2510D73F-7109-4ccc-8A1C-314894DEEB3A ReportListTemplate
00BFEA71-DBD7-4F72-B8CB-DA7AC0440130 DataConnectionLibrary

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that by enabling any one of these features requires that users have an enterprise client access license (ECAL).  An argument has been made whether or not users are actually "using" the enterprise feature.  Unofficially, for an "audit", an ACL list controlled area where enterprise features are enabled is a good practice.  Control who can/cannot access your site or web application using permissions.  Also see: Web Application Policies to deny users who only have a Standard-CAL.

For mixed environments (standard and enterprise in same farm)...another issue that has come up is around governance.  This is one area where the solution cannot be 100% technical...you MUST implement a process into your environment to control who will have access.

In summary, there are 4 major "features" that require enterprise functionality Excel Services, InfoPath Forms Server, Business Data (BDC), and BI tools/web parts.  With the first three, it is easy.  Excel Services, IPFS, and BDC all require administrative (Central Admin) configuration in order for users to utilize these features in their sites.  With BI tools: List templates and web parts are provisioned down to the Site Collection/Web level.  So, at an admin level, it may be more difficult to report on enterprise feature "usage" at the site level. 

IMPORTANT:  The process of deactivating the Enterprise Site features "feature" will remove web parts from the web part gallery, but it will NOT remove a list that is provisioned on the site (e.g.  KPI List).