Announcing Answer File Diff for Windows Embedded Standard 7

Recently in the Windows Embedded Forums, rjtonnis asked for an easy way to compare two templates or answer files. What rjtonnis didn’t know was that we had a tool that did just that and he gave us a great reason to share it with the rest of the world.

Answer File Diff is the 3rd PowerToy we’ve released for Standard 7 and has been very useful in our development and verification of templates and answer Files. Answer File Diff allows for easy comparing and contrasting of two different Standard 7 answer files or templates. Packages that are shared between or exclusive to answer files are shown in their own panes, with packages color-coded based on their package type.

So check out Answer File Diff and let us know what you think! To learn more about our other PowerToys, please check out Package Mapper and CBS Package Inspector.

- J.T.