Lynda's Bio

I have been part of the Embedded team since 2003. My main area of responsibility has been the testing of component integration- this involved verifying the integrity of the components authored by the Windows team that owns the feature, ensuring that the components can be deployed on a minimal Embedded runtime without any errors and that the various components "play nicely" together. My work included testing components on a number of customer scenarios like RPOS, Kiosk etc., and also integrating components and scenarios with the different Embedded Enabling Features.

In June 2007 I switched roles within the team and I am now a PM (Program Manager), focusing on the Embedded community and generally finding ways to improve the overall developer experience.

Before working on the Embedded team I had various testing contracts with different teams at Microsoft (Windows Media Player 9, Encarta Language Learning) for a total of about 3 years. I am originally from South Africa where I worked in the cell phone industry, among other things, and have been in the USA since 1998.

My husband, Will, is a flight instructor and I enjoy flying aerobatics with him. However, my real passions are ice hockey and travel in any form.