The Meaning of RC

As has been announced previously on this blog, the Release Candidate (RC) build of Windows Embedded Standard 7 is now available.  You can download this RC from Microsoft Connect (  I would encourage you to download the RC build, create and deploy some OS images, and let us know what you think.  

For both the products that I am currently working on and the products I am excited to begin using, the different builds mean different things to me:

  • CTP (Community Technology Preview) builds are interesting to look at as they give an advanced look at the bleeding edge of new product development and give me the chance to provide feedback at an early stage.
  • When I see the 2nd or 3rd CTP build come out (some products will use the term “Beta” for this), this is great opportunity to begin using a product in the same way you will use it once it is released.  However, I know there is still work to be done and changes to be made.
  • RC builds are "Really Cool". They tell me that this product is almost done and the date it will be made available will probably be "Really Close."  For both the products I am currently working on and ones I am excited to begin using, this is an exciting time.

With my product development, technology fanatic, and customer empathy hats on, the news of an available Release Candidate build is “Royally Crazy” (RC).  OK, I’m stretching it a bit now.

BTW, when you are done downloading, trying, and providing feedback for the RC build of Windows Embedded Standard 7, be sure that do the same with the Visual Studio 2010 RC (

- Preston

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