To provide SharePoint services with System Center


During this spring I had the opportunity to talk and dig on what can be done with System Center 2012 (RTM, SP1 and soon R2) to offer SharePoint based services to users and organizations.

As I spent time linking complex workloads with System Center, I used experience and discussions to create a synthetic deck I could present at these 2 events:

The (English) deck is attached to this post. It should help SharePoint administrators to approach what is a SharePoint service and how System Center helps.

While building and presenting this talk, I realized an obvious classification: System Center integrates with SharePoint in 2 ways:

  • The integrated and supported way, through Management packs, connectors and built-in capabilities (like DPM for SharePoint)
  • The lightweight way, providing tools so that we can be more productive, efficient and creative. This enables value and productivity through processes. They have to be proven, reliable and efficient AND Microsoft will never support them. We just support the tools (like for Visual Studio, the compiler is supported, not the resulting App).

The deck describes what a SharePoint service means, what System Center brings in and give insights on the 2 ways to integrate.

Don’t hesitate to share thoughts and remarks.