Silverlight-based widgets, samples, demos and applications

The number of Silverlight-based widgets, samples, demos and applications is rapidly increasing. Thanks to Tim Sneath for his aggregation for the fruits of his research.

Silverlight Airlines Demo Silverlight Mind Map Grand Piano
3D Teapot Demo Infragistics Controls Demo Silverlight Pad
Silverlight Playground JavaScript / .NET Chess Amazon Search Visualization
Silverlight Rocks Laugh-o-Sphere AOL Social Mail Gadget
SilverNibbles LiveStation Binary Clock
Smalltalk on Silverlight Matrix Digital Rain Browser Poker
2D Physics Simulation Popfly Dr Popper
Bubble Factory Telerik RadControls 3D Cube Roxio Buzz
Michael's Journal Digger XamlWebPad
Sprawl Python Console GlyphMap
Bubblemark Verlet Integration Algorithm Sierpinski Triangle
Office Ribbon Disco Dance Floor XPS Viewer
Surface Prototype Reflecting Graph GOA WinForms Demo
Comic Book Viewer Windows Vista Simulator Silverlight Chess Game Replay
Photopoints Gallery Dr Greenthumb Zero Gravity
SVG to Silverlight Converter Reflector for Silverlight Gradient Animations
Destroy All Invaders Windows Journal-to-Silverlight Converter