Going to PDC? Want to meet the team?

3 weeks to go until PDC09; sessions are being reviewed, demos are being polished, schedules are being finalized, and the booth machines are being installed and packed up to go down to Los Angeles. Among the WCF, WF, and ‘Dublin’ group, we have about 15 people who will be down at PDC to chat with you about what is coming out with the release of .NET Framework 4 and to discuss some of the thoughts around what might come afterwards.

With 15 people at the event, that provides about 40-ish opportunities to chat with folks over lunch at the event. With PDC 3 weeks out, we would like to offer up about 30-40 spots with the folks heading to PDC09. Attending the event this year are folks from the PG who write and design WCF and WF, as well as the folks behind the ‘Dublin’ technologies. These are our architects, our program managers, our devs, and some folks from our business group.

If you have interest in catching up with one of us at the event…

  1. Click the ‘Email’ link in the header above (white text; lower left hand portion of the header), or drop us an email to the endpoint alias (at - of course - microsoft.com)
  2. Use the subject ‘Meet at PDC’
  3. In the message/body, give us an idea of who you would like to catch up with (general role is fine; we’ll match folks up appropriately) and what you would like to discuss
  4. Don’t forget to use/specify the best email to reach you at

Starting next week (week of Nov 2nd), we’ll start matching up the top 20 submissions to folks – and connect you up someone from the team. You can then coordinate lunch or coffee/tea or whatever in advance of the event. We’ll then fill up the remaining spots in the week before PDC.

Topics can range from the technical (feedback on the product, suggestions about what you would like to see done differently, a discussion on issues you’re currently having (and how a change we might make would make it easier)) to business (potential case study, compelling partner product, would like to learn how to better partner) to how to get more involved with authoring tutorials/whitepapers to feedback on what could be done differently on the web properties.

That being said, the team will also be heavily representing the technologies at PDC – in sessions, at the booths, and in the lounge. Even if you don’t get selected (or even submit) for a slot, we’d love to meet you and learn more about how you’re using (or would like to use) our technologies!

See you at PDC!
- Cliff