...and away we go...

...well, actually, away I went! I published my initial post, and then hit the road traveling for a week and half. I'll get into a better rythm, I promise!


Where did this Microsoft guy go? Well duh, I went to the first annual Linux Foundation LinuxCon, of course! No really, I did! It was really interesting to go and see how the various companies engaged in Linux interact - amazing how completive they are with each other with this "collaborative" effort. Everyone at the conference was nice enough (I was registered as being from Microsoft) and was even asked to show a number of folks Windows 7 (which they liked!). I'm happy to share more on my impressions of LinuxCon if you like, just let me know.


In the mean time, I haven't been able to receive any comments on the blog yet. I've had some folks (thanks Doug) try and leave comments, but to no avail!


I have received lots of great topic suggestions via e-mail from system administrators and co-workers (thank you Ben, Matt, Jeff, Bob, Bob, and Bob - lots of Bob's). I've cleared the decks so to speak except for an upcoming virtualization seminar that I'm presenting with one of my book co-authors Mike Sterling at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business Center for Technology Innovation (www.cti.sba.uwm.edu). Mike and I have to finish pulling our materials together for this - which will certainly yield some gems to post about.