Partner Post: Announcing conceptClassifier for SharePoint – Automatic Classification within Office

Enterprise customers are increasingly struggling with how to apply policy and governance at the desktop. End user adoption is cited as the single most critical barrier to success in ECM and Records Management initiatives. Using Concept Searching’s unique compound term processing conceptClassifier for SharePoint can now be used to automatically classify content from Microsoft Office Applications, upload the documents directly to SharePoint, store the metadata in SharePoint properties and write back the classifications to the custom properties of the document for use within knowledge and workflow applications or enterprise applications such as ECM, Document Management, Records Management, or eDiscovery.

The classification can take place automatically without end user intervention. Optionally, Subject Matter Experts can be granted the authority to manually adjust the classification based on the taxonomy. A ribbon bar has been added to the familiar Office interface enabling automatic classification of content. When the end user classifies a document the system will retrieve existing concepts as an aid to the classification process as shown below. Subject Matter Experts also have the ability to add or delete classes in the taxonomy.


Documents are uploaded to SharePoint and the classification metadata is stored in the properties fields. The classification status automatically reflects the manual classification so as to not overwrite the classification classes the Subject Matter Expert entered. The systems administrator features currently enabled include the ability to edit the classifications, classify the document, a batch of documents or the full library. This metadata can now be used by Microsoft Enterprise Search to improve identification of relevant documents when searching.


For more information visit or click here to view a webcast demo of the integrated technology.

Martin GarlandPresident                                                                                                                   Concept Searching, Inc