COM Shim Wizard for IDTExtensibility (Shared Addins) Now Available for Visual Studio 2005

I've blogged before about the need for shimming non-VSTO shared managed add-ins. Misha Shneerson and Andrew Whitechapel created a COM Shim Wizard that worked with Visual Studio 2003. They've now updated the wizard and it is available on MSDN. 

Article URL:


You should use this shim wizard if you are building shared IDTExtensibility2 based add-ins for Office. A shim gives you appdomain isolation and some other goodness.

If you are developing add-ins for Outlook 2003, VSTO 2005 provides a better add-in project that you should use instead of Shared Add-ins.

If you are developing add-ins for Office 2007, the VSTO v3 CTP has add-in support for all the Office applications and so you won't need this COM Shim Wizard:

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