Initial Windows Azure Benefits Doubled for MSDN Subscribers

I just found out today that effective immediately, MSDN subscribers at the Premium, Ultimate, and BizSpark levels are eligible for 16 months of Windows Azure platform benefits instead of 8 months. This increased commitment to MSDN subscribers demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to building a strong ecosystem of developers on the Windows Azure platform. If you are a MSDN subscribers or BizSpark member, I encourage you to sign up for your Windows Azure benefits if you have not done so already.  There will be even more pretty cool features coming that you will not want to miss out on. (Of course, I can't tell you what those are yet, so you will have to have a bit of trust.)

Some of the details of the new change, effective immediately, are:

  • Eligible MSDN subscribers can sign up for this offer once.
  • The first phase of this introductory offer lasts 8 months from the time of sign up, then the subscriber must renew their Windows Azure platform subscription once for another 8 months. After that, the subscriber will cancel this introductory account and sign up for the ongoing MSDN benefit based on their subscription level.
  • MSDN subscribers who have already signed up must choose to have their Azure subscription “auto renew” so that it does not end after 8 months. “Auto renew” is the default setting, so this will only need to be changed if the subscriber had changed it previously.
  • MSDN subscribers who elect to use more of the Windows Azure platform than is included in their monthly benefit will be charged at our standard rates.   

For more information, visit Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers