Step-By-Step Windows Azure Signup for MSDN Subscribers

By now you should know that yesterday we went live with the Commercial Availability and release of Windows Azure. (WOO_HOOT!)

One of the great things is that MSDN subscribers get to utilize Windows Azure for their projects with some great offers.
(The offers are outlined elsewhere on my blog, or you can get up to speed here.)

For those of you with an MSDN subscription who’d like to sign up now,

grab your credit card, and follow along with this play-by-play on how to get running:


Step 1:

Login into your MSDN account, and go to the “My Account” tab.

Then click on the link for “Windows Azure Platform” to signup on the MOCP Portal. 

(You can’t repeat this step once you are signed up, so you most likely won’t look back.)



Step 2:

You should find your details on the MOCP portal.

(If you haven’t ever been here, you may need to setup your account address and details for the MOCP portal.)

You should see your shopping cart filled with your Windows Azure Platform MSDN offering.

Acknowledge your rate plan and purchase, and then click “Checkout >”.



Step 3:

You now will need your credit card, or a PO if you qualify.  I’m sticking with the card route.

Why a credit card?  Well, if you go over your MSDN allotment, you will need to ante-up and pay for the services.



Step 4:

Enter your card details, and upon successful card authorization, you’ll be able to continue.

(Note: I’ve changed details throughout the screenshots here, so this credit card number isn’t going to help you.)



Step 5:

Read and comply with the Online Subscription Agreement for your particular account.

You will need to check the box, enter name and title, and click “I Accept”



Step 6:

Review your order, and confirm accordingly.

When your complete, click “Confirm Order”



Step 7:

Jot down your confirmation number in case anything bad happens.

Add the email to your safe senders if necessary.

Click “Proceed to activation…”



Step 8:

Enter a subscription name.  This will be used as your Project Name on the Windows Azure Portal, so choose wisely.

When you're finished, click “Next”.



Step 9:

Enter details for your Service Administrator.  Ensure that the details have been updated successfully.

When your completed, click “Next”.



Step 10:

Review your Service Activation Summary.  Note your Service Provisioning Info.

When your satisfied, click “Finish” and your service will begin the provisioning process.



Step 11:

THANK YOU, for choosing to use the Windows Azure Platform! 

You can now click on “Close” and you will be redirected to the MOCP Subscription Management screen.



Step 12:

You should now see your Windows Azure Platform MSDN subscription, with your service active.

You can elect to edit service details, opt-out of auto renew, or edit billing information from the MOCP site.

Please bookmark the site for future use.



Step 13:

You can now sign into the Developer Portal and you should see your created project amongst your project lists.

Your ready to go, and can click on that project and begin to create services, use storage accounts, etc.



Step 14:

Tell your friends how easy, manageable, extensible and scalable the Windows Azure Platform really is.

Build awesome applications with the Windows Azure, and let me know about them!