Top 5 Reasons to Encourage Your Friends and Family to Move to Windows 7

You help people every day at work make the most out of your company’s IT resources. You’ve got the leading-edge knowledge to help your company understand how important it is to consider the move to Windows 7. But what about your friends and family? We know that you’re considered the de facto “computer person” for those folks too.
With Windows 7, we focused on fundamentals and other key improvements that simplify everyday tasks, make the PC work the way you want, and make it possible to do new things. Want examples? Here are 5 good reasons to share with your family and friends to make the move to Windows 7 and, hopefully, reduce your personal support requests in the process.


Windows 7 helps you quickly find what you’re looking for—use Search to locate a specific file, program, or e-mail in a few seconds.


Windows 7 gives you more control over your Taskbar—use Pin and Jump Lists to keep the programs and files you use a lot right at your fingertips.


Windows 7 gives you more control over your windows—resize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders to the edge of your screen.


Windows 7 takes the headache out of home networking—easily share files, music (even printers) among multiple PCs.


Windows 7 makes wireless setup a breeze—connect to any available wireless network in just three clicks.

For a closer look at the features in Windows 7 for consumers, click here. For a look at these features from the IT professional’s perspective, visit the IT Pro at Home zone.
Do you want your friends and family to make the move to Windows 7? E-mail us at and let us know why (or why not).