Tantric snacking...

This afternoon after lunch I ambled over to our admin's office in search of a small
snack. I opted for some m&m's brand chocolate candies with peanuts. As I ate the
7 m&m's that were in the package, I noticed that the package was labelled "Fun

Others may disagree, but personally, I don't think that 7 m&m's produce an experience
I would label 'merry' or even 'jocular', much less "fun", but I'm willing not
to quibble on that point, especially when a far more important issue looms.

What do you call the larger sized packages? What word do you use for something that
is more fun than fun?

There really is no English word that works. You have to move to more philosophical
descriptions. The one that first springs to mind is "transcendent", which has all
the right connotations, but unfortunately lacks the popularity of "tantric" (as demonstrated
by the relative sales ranks of the top books with each title on Amazon).

So, "Tantric snacking" it is...

If you don't like this kind of entry, you may comfort yourself that at least I'm not
writing about my sump