A change of address of sorts...

Hey guys,

Well, the time has come.

After 8 years at Microsoft, I've decided to pursue a long-time dream of running my own business.  My new venture will be in a Seattle-based consulting company, CounterPunch Software (www.counterpunchsoftware.com).  Not surprisingly we (or more accurately I) will be focusing on Microsoft technologies and solutions.  My last day at Microsoft will be towards the end of November.

Not too much will change blog-wise – I believe that I am still allowed to have my blog on MSDN so I’ll keep it here.  MSDN has been pretty good to me, and I’m loathe to change my blogjet settings

I will always look back on the past 8 years with fond memories.  I'll apologize for not thanking everyone individually, but I've enjoyed the tremendous privilege of working with, and learning from, some of the smartest and most passionate people imaginable.  For that, I'll always be grateful.

It's a cliché of course, but it really does seem like yesterday when I walked into building 44 to start my first day at Microsoft.  At the time, I thought I was joining what was then known as the Visual Interdev team, little did I know that I had already experienced my first re-org and had been transferred to the Visual J++ team :)  In any case, it all worked out very well

I’ve always been very passionate about Microsoft products – particularly, but not limited to, developer tools – and the folks who use them.  I think, and hope that my new venture will allow me to get closer to that.

My new email address is eric@counterpunchsoftware.com.   

Anyways, just a personal update