A diversion - Windows Live Alerts

I’ve been poking around the Windows Live stuff for developers (https://dev.live.com) and someting caught my eye.  With Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger), you can sign up for, as well as provide Alerts.  These alerts get delivered to your device of choice (MSN Messenger, Phone, PDA, etc).

One of my projects at work right now is to work on the keynote demo that will be delivered at Tech Ed Barcelona later this fall.  Not to give too much away, but one of the things we might try to cover is the developer angle for Windows Live.  So, I thought I would give this alerts thing a try.

I went over to https://signup.alerts.live.com/brochure/index.jsp and registered the RSS feed for my blog as a provider of alerts.  The sign-up experience was a pleasant surprise.  The form was pretty short and a few minutes after submitting it, I received an email with a confirmation link.  After clicking on the confirmation link, I received another email a few minutes later with the following image/link:

Windows Live Alerts

If you click on that link, you’ll have the option of signing up for alerts from my blog

Oh one thing – you’ll notice that my alert is called ‘Fabrikam Design’ – I named it that to match the fictious company name we are using for the demo.