More on the Trend Calculation

One of the most useful aspects of the KPI is the ability to report a trend – that is, the value of a KPI compared to its value in the past.  This is a really useful way to determine whether you are making progress or not.

I had a chance to meet with Bogdan Crivat – a friend of mine from when we worked together on Visual C++ – and a couple of his colleagues on the SQL Server Analysis Team.  They really helped me understand a little bit more about how time dimensions worked. 

Below is a video that touches on how time dimensions are applied to our Code Coverage KPI. 

The MDX query and results from the video are shown below:


MDX results:


Since we don’t have any previous weeks of data for our code coverage, our KPI reports an upwards trend even with a measly 1.36% of code coverage.  As our project matures and more code coverage data is published from our tests, this trend will become more meaningful.

Another thing that came out of my conversation with Bogdan is some more insight into how to data mine VSTS data.  Look for another post on this shortly.