A subtle change - we like PHP :-)

When I started working with UK developers many years back, one of my focus areas was ASP vs PHP. 10 years on from those days and both technologies are very successful with huge fans of each technology (ASP becoming the much more powerful ASP.NET).

But on IIS, the favourite is by far ASP.NET. On Unix/Linux servers the favourite is by far PHP.

Well - things are changing in the world of Microsoft. We are doing our best to make IIS and Windows Server a great platform for PHP developers.

And to prove a point:

SQL Server Has a New PHP DriverWe announced the availability last week of the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP. The PHP Driver delivers an API designed to enable reliable, scalable integration with SQL Server for PHP applications deployed on the Windows platform. P.S. It also works for SQL Server 2000.

IIS7 Offers great PHP support   We have just published a screencast to show how easy it is to get PHP up and configured on your IIS7 webserver using FastCGI.  The popular PHP-based blogging application, Wordpress is used. It goes on to shows how you can integrate a PHP app with IIS7's integrated pipeline by converting Wordpress to use IIS7's built-in Forms Authentication. Good stuff.