Microsoft announces Windows Live™ and Microsoft® Office Live

Technology and the Internet created an information revolution that has changed our lives. Today, Bill Gates announced a new set of internet-based services that change the delivery and business models for software. Microsoft has been quite successful with X-Box live and I can tell you that I have seen that having a “live” game completely modifies the experience. So I find quite exciting that Windows Live™ and Microsoft® Office Live were announced.

Windows Live™ is a set of personal Internet-based services and software that you can subscribe to get the information and resources that YOU want, for example email, messenger, your favorites, and more. What is the advantage? For example, you no longer will need to transfer your favorites (I hate that) from machine to machine.  Subscribe and take a look at some Windows Live services here:

Microsoft® Office Live is a new set of Internet-based services and software that will allow people and organizations to subscribe to specific services that integrate with Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Small Business Edition. Subscribe and take a look at some Microsoft® Office Live services here:

Office Live has different offerings:

  • Office Live Basics: “To help small businesses to establish an online Internet presence including a domain name, a Web site with 30 MB of storage, and five Web e-mail accounts at no charge through an advertising-supported model.”
  • Set of subscription-based services: “To provide more than 20 business applications to help automate daily business tasks such as project management, sales and collateral management, customer management, expense reports, time and billing management, and secure internal and external collaboration. Built on Windows SharePoint® Services, these applications can be customized and extended to specific customer needs by an extensive Microsoft partner ecosystem.”

So depending on your needs you can choose the best services and over time, both Windows Live and Office Live services will expand and provide new services that you can subscribe to.