My First PodCast: SharePoint Community Interview

Happy Friday!

I was humbled when Luis Du Solier (MOSS MVP) asked if I could do an interview for the SharePoint Community in Mexico. We did the interview over the phone and in Spanish. It really was a fun experience and I enjoyed talking a bit of what I do and sharing some pointers to great developer resources for Office, MOSS, and OBA.

In this interview I talk about:

MSDN Office Developer Center:

SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal:

Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map Version2:


Book: Programming Microsoft® Office Business Applications :

You can find a pointer to the interview here and all the details about the interview in Spanish here.

For those of you who speak Spanish and love MOSS, you should check out the SharePoint Community PodCast feed and make sure you don't miss Luis's blog for the latest news about SharePoint development.