.NET Helper Classes for the SharePoint Server 2007 Search Query Web Service

If you are working with MOSS Enterprise Search, you should download the .NET Helper Classes for the MOSS Search Query Web Service. Callum Shillan is an MCS Solution Architect from the UK and he was very nice to share the helper classes he created with the community. You can find the .Net helpers for the SharePoint Server 2007 Search Query Web Service source code in CodePlex. Callum also wrote an MSDN article where he shows you how to use the helper classes.

The genesis for this article was an internal project that our team ran in the United Kingdom to expose information held in a series of our community sites maintained by our team leads and subject matter experts. To help the team responsible for the user interface, I created a few Microsoft .NET Framework classes that made it easier for them to fire queries into the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Search Query Web service hosted on our main portal. These classes also made it more straightforward to handle the responses that the Web service returned.


If you want to learn more about MOSS and Enterprise Search, you should also check out the MSDN Enterprise Search Information Center and the following Office Visual How-tos created by Patrick Tisseghem: