New: Office Developer Atlas

The Office Product Marketing group has released a new Silverlight-based training set to introduce you to developer investments in 2010 including VBA, Fluent UI, and the Office Backstage.

The app was released yesterday to MSDN and you can access it from this link:

I’ll update this post with a link to an MSDN Dev Center landing page with more info as soon as it’s live.

In the meantime, here’s more info cross-posted from John Durant’s blog:

The Office Developer Atlas interactive training tool (built using Silverlight technology) is a great way for you to come up to speed on what developing productivity solutions with Office is all about. We've called it an atlas because it's designed to give you a series of training segments that help you orient yourself in the world of Office development.


The first three segments that we have included in the initial release of Office Developer Atlas include:

1) Making users instantly productive through VBA

2) The Microsoft Office Backstage view

3) The Microsoft Office Fluent UI (Ribbon)

In each section, you'll find a short explanatory video, an example that demonstrates the kinds of solutions you can build with the targeted technology, and links to rich content on how to convert your awareness to technical skill. Here are a couple more screenshots:



We'll be adding more modules to the training environment, and all you need is a Web browser to start using it. Enjoy, and please send your feedback and ideas for more training modules.