Office 2007 and SharePoint Technical Content in your own Language

A long time ago I blogged about Office developer resources in your own language. Ever since, we have seen the need for “Office Technical Content” in multiple languages. For example, in countries like Russia or France, developers and IT professionals create great SharePoint solutions and deployments, but there is low English affinity on those markets. In some other cases you may understand well technical content in English, but you may have a preference to read it in your own language.

dd183105.offsite_60(en-us,MSDN.10)[1] In order to support the international community of Office and SharePoint developers and IT professionals, the Office International Publishing Group has done a lot of progress on localizing technical content from MSDN and TechNet. So far, this group has localized Office Technical Library content into ten languages.  Additionally, they have created Office TechNet and MSDN Developer Centers for 14 markets.

Markets for MSDN – portals/ library (home pages)

MSDN Library is available for: Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese Simp., Russian, and German.

Also, for MSDN Brazilian Portuguese Content we have enabled Machine Translation Wiki – Check it out here:

Markets for TechNet – portals/ library (home pages)

TechNet Library is available for: Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese Simp. & Trad., Russian, German, Italian, Brazil, Korean

Last February, the Office International Publishing Group localized two more markets – Japanese and Taiwanese.

The areas we are looking now into are – site customization for the local market, identifying the content areas where we should invest, and engagement with the community. Any feedback is very much appreciated!

David Pavlik, the Planner for Office Technical International content, can be reached via Twitter at Send him your ideas, feedback, and request needs about Office Technical Content.

Hope you enjoy Office and SharePoint technical content in your own language!

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