Office 2007 + WPF rocks!

Ever since we created the Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map I became a huge fan of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I love that you can expose information and build custom solutions in very creative ways using WPF. If you want to learn more about WPF I recommend the following resources to get started:

Building a Custom Add-in for Outlook 2007 Using Windows Presentation Foundation

We published last week a new article that shows how to create an Office Business Application that generates a customer e-mail to confirm flight reservations. The article provides a walkthrough that shows how to develop an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 using VSTO + WPF.

Fulvio Giaccari is the author of this article. Fulvio Giaccari is a Project Manager for SB Soft S.r.l., a Microsoft partner company. He is currently working on porting Windows Form applications to the .NET Framework 3.0. Fulvio is a published author of magazine articles in both English and Italian; he plans to write a book about VSTO that will be published by Apress Inc.

Fulvio is founder of, an online community dedicated to ASP.NET. He is also founder of, the first Italian user group for Microsoft Office developers.

SB Soft S.r.l. is an Italian company that specializes in building solutions for Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Services as well as building Windows Form and Web applications for companies, banks, and public administrations.

Fulvio is currently organizing and event in Lecce, Italia dedicated to Microsoft Business Intelligence, Office 2007, and ASP.NET Ajax Library (