It has been a bit quiet on my blog the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, I have decided to quit my (awesome) job at Microsoft and move back to The Netherlands to be close again with family and friends. It was a tough decision, because working with Microsoft at patterns & practices has been absolutely awesome and Washington state is absolutely beautiful. But ever since our daughter was born, my wife and I felt a growing desire to return back home. We’ve now arrived since 2 weeks back in The Netherlands and yes, we’ve made the right decision. It’s good to be back.

Starting next year, I’ll start a new job at Achmea, a large insurance corporation in The Netherlands. Though my position there is going to be radically different from my work at Microsoft, I’ll surely try to keep blogging. I’ll have to move my blog, to a different site, but you’ll be able to find it next year at

Thanks to everybody who has followed my blog over the last year.

Take care and keep practicing!