Adding quarters to the innovation machine

I really enjoyed Dan Reed’s latest posting - HPC: Making a Small Fortune - and the need for real innovation in this space, especially with the rise of new quarters.jpgtechnologies – that’s part of the reason we looked at at combining HPC and Databases via the GrayWulf Project

HPC: Making a Small Fortune

N.B. I also write for the Communications of the ACM (CACM). The following essay recently appeared on the CACM blog.

There is an old joke in the high-performance computing community that begins with a question, "How do you make a small fortune in high-performance computing?" There are several variations on the joke, but they all end with the same punch line, "Start with a large fortune and ship at least one generation of product. You will be left with a small fortune." Forty years of experience, with companies large and small, has confirmed the sad truth of this statement.

Reed's Ruminations: A Blog by Dan Reed: HPC: Making a Small Fortune

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