Open Specification Promise: What. How. Why.

This is great for those building protocol-based integration solutions.

Recently, Microsoft announced a new type of licensing model aimed at making it much easier, therefore safer from a legal point of view, for developers to implement specs without having to spend a lot of time understanding complex license agreements and obscure legalese, then signing and faxing Microsoft legal documents in order to leverage a specification.
This new breed of simple licensing model is called the Open Specification Promise (OSP).

Here, we chat with the minds behind OSP: Jean Paoli, co-creator of XML and General Manager of Interoperability & XML Architecture, Tom Robertson, General Manager of IP and Corportate Standards Strategy, and Amy Marasco, General Manager of Standards Strategy. Want to to understand what OSP is and why we created it? Tune in and let the the folks who thought it up explain it to you.

Link to Open Specification Promise: What. How. Why.

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