Using Worldwide Telescope in a Master/Slave configuration


Config File for Slave Config.xml

The other day I was asked about putting Worldwide Telescope in a Master/Slave configuration so the client machine can control a larger display showcasing the WWT imagery in full screen.   The photos show me controlling a desktop machine with my Surface Pro.  Here’s the steps to do it.

On the Slave Machine:  (One you want to control)
- Create a “wwtconfig” directory in c:\ – ie. c:\wwtconfig
- Ensure the directory isn’t read only
- Create a config.xml file in the c:\wwtconfig directory with the following XML


  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Device MonitorCountX="1" MonitorCountY="1"
MonitorX="0" MonitorY="0"
Width="1600" Height="1200"
ConfigFile="" BlendFile="" DistortionGrid="" />

On the Master Machine
- Start Worldwide Telescope
- Set it into “Master” mode – click on Settings > Advanced menu and select Master Controller

Then they should be paired up.  The Slave machine will be in full screen mode – to get out of it, hit esc, and then close out the WWT window.  I usually then rename the config file to be able to start WWT up and run it normally. 

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