Updated: Funcionalidades presentes no Update 1 do Visual Studio 2012

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A equipe de produtos do Visual Studio 2012 disponibilizou a versão CTP (versão de testes) do Update 1, uma ótima noticia para assinantes MSDN que serão contemplados trimestralmente com novas funcionalidades, ferramentas e melhorias no Visual Studio 2012 e Team Foundation Server 2012.

Confira as novidades disponibilizadas neste update, faça o download desta nova versão e contribua com a equipe de produtos do Visual Studio via Feedback Client para que façamos um produto cada vez melhor para você.

Novidades disponibilizadas no Update 1:

Feature Improvement: Visual Studio 2012

  • Unit Test Grouping and Filtering in Test Explorer Window
  • Code Map – add to map from editor, sxs map
  • IntelliTrace
    • Added additional support for custom IntelliTrace Events
    • Enabled reading AVIcode to collect IntelliTrace Event Data
  • Mixed Managed/Native Debugging Support for Windows Store Apps
    • Addressed issues with stepping through native code while mixed debugging
    • Improved inspection of native WinRT objects
    • Enabled remote debugging
  • Improvements for loading symbols
  • Faster and more responsive symbol loading experience for local/remote native debugging and remote managed debugging


Feature Improvement: Microsoft Test Manager    

  • Several experience improvements in test case management and manual testing.
  • Support for hierarchical queries
  • Added support for update notification


Feature Improvement: Team Foundation Server 2012  

(For more detailed information on these features please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2012/09/12/visual-studio-update-this-fall.aspx)

  • Web Access navigation restyling and usability improvements
  • Support for kanban including a board for the backlog, Work In Progress limits, and Continuous Flow Diagrams
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to another user story
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to assign it to another person
  • Next and Previous buttons on the work item form in the triage view
  • Links and Attachments tab in the work item form shows the count of contents
  • Animation on the task board when a task is dragged
  • Ability to drag and drop work items in the backlog to assign to a person or activity
  • Improved error handling and messaging for Project Server Integration
  • Updated process template versions for all the templates


Download do novo CTP


Download da versão CTP: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/securedownloads/hh442898#searchTerm=CTP%20of%20Quarterly%20Update%20for%20Visual%20Studio%202012&ProductFamilyId=0&Languages=en&PageSize=10&PageIndex=0&FileId=0


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