Using my new HTC Fuze

It's a new year and it was time to think about replacing my HTC Tilt with something new. I had upgraded the Tilt to Windows Mobile 6.1 and it was working fine. However, the HTC Touch and Touch Pro had really caught my eye. I decided to move over to the new HTC Fuze.

I have had it a couple of weeks now. The Fuze has a nice feel in your hand and is considerably easier to use one-handed. The need for a stylus is virtually eliminated. The magnetic retainer of the stylus works much better than the friction mechanisms of before.

The full VGA resolution screen and the TouchFLO 3D interface work very well together. I am impressed with the Opera Browser as well with its ability to zoom in and out and the larger controls buttons. I loaded up Windows Live Search and found that it worked much better on the Fuze with its higher resolution screen. Combined with GPS functionality, its ability to locate destinations was much more useable. The only downside was the time it sometimes takes for the GPS to find its initial location.

Mail is always a primary mode of communications at Microsoft. I have my corporate email on Exchange, Live Mail / Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, another POP3 Server email account, plus of course SMS and MMS. This combined with Office Communicator Mobile 2007 and Windows LIve Instant Messenger means I can always be aware of what is going on. In fact, on a Windows Mobile device with instant delivery via Push Email of email messages, the differences between email and IM really blur...   

Now that Windows Mobile 6.5 has now been announced, I plan to upgrade my Fuze to Windows Mobile 6.5 in the next couple of weeks.

Here is the press release on 6.5 from Barcelona: .