Euro Road Trip Pt 4

Another early start today, I was in TVP for 9 ready to speak at the UK Developers Group, which doesn't start till 10, ooops. Oh well I managed to get changed into my excellent Lime Green User Group shirt with the extra time, and also snag my second Sausage Butttie of the trip(the british diet really is so versatile, the same food you can have for an early evening snack also works as breakfast!)

I did 2 sessions and ran way out of time, hopefully they will invite me back, the first session was mostly an FAQ/QA session, I spent a lot of time discussing MSDE, DMO, DTS, Reporting ServicesĀ and some time on XML and a bunch of other random topics. The second session was a repeat of the SQL2005 for Developers session I adapted for Borcon, adapted once more. The SQLCLR demo went down well as always and lots of questions on when and how to use it.

Got to chat with a couple of friends that I have not seen for > 4 years at the meeting as well, worth the visit for that alone.

I'm spending this afternoon catchin up on mail as the broadband in the hotel has been a disaster with the connection only staying up for 10 mins. Tonight I am heading up to sunny Aberdeen to see some family and friends, before speaking at the University on Monday and then heading to Copenhagen on Tuesday. So probably no blog updates until Tuesday as my parents never get more than 12k on their dialup line and after this nice fast connection thats going to way too painful!