My personal pick of PDC Days -1 to 1

The full agenda (well as of right now) has been posted on

I’m going to post my personal agenda for each day, that if I was going to PDC as an attendee I would choose to go to, obviously at the event I am likely to be scurrying around behind the scenes but I can dream. for this I am going to look at PDC as a whole and not just the data and systems track, although as I know those sessions the best there might be a slight bias.

Day -1; Sunday PreCon

Here I think I would go to the team system sessions, obviously the sql server day is a big deal but there is SO much in team system that I have not even looked at yet that I think it would be very educational, plus I know the couple of the speakers and they are excellent

Day 0; Monday PreCon

Monday its got to be the BI sessions, yes I know this stuff pretty well but the speakers from the team are always good and every time I play with IS or RS I find something new.

Day 1; Tuesday

To start with I think the keynotes are a must so no discussion on them.

11:45 (Lunch) Session: I think the lap around the SDKs sounds like a fun session, I’ve never met Brent but I have seen him on internal alias’s and I know they have put a ton of work in the WinFX SDK in particular and I have not really been exposed to it so there is a ton to learn here

1:00 PM Session: This is tough, Chris Jones session on Vista sounds fun, a lap around WCF with Omri will be a great session, the Viso 12 session sounds new and pretty cool, but I think I would go to the customising office UI session. I know a little about what this is but not enough to even be dangerous, I also know the next version of office brings us much more than just a new tool bar colour :-).

2:45 PM Session: Again a tough call, obviously the SQL Server session has great appeal but as my office is between Gerald and Rogers offices I hear quite enough SSB talk in the corridor right now! Part 2 of the office UI session also appeals but I think I would go to the Groove talk, I have no knowledge of Groove at all so this is all going to be new to me!

4:15 PM Session: Wow choosing a session does not get any easier, the Windows Vista search and org session is pretty appealing but I think I would have to choose between the lap around WPF and also the Under the Hood with Storage and Advanced App Development, I have done one review of this session with Brian already and we have another to go but there is some REALLY cool stuff in here.

And so we reach the evening, if I wasn’t shattered from all the excitement then I think a little visit to the Hands On Labs would be good right now, there are labs for pretty much every new technology and a lot of machines to try this stuff out on.

Day 2 in a couple of days.