New Best Practices Site + 2 x SQL 2005 Systems > 200TB

I was reading through some of the PASS slides from MS Presenters that were shared out internally. Mark Souza had what looked like an amazing session, some of the highlights;

There is a new Best Practices site here, lots of good stuff.

Some other random stats from Marks session, all SQL 2005 related;

- There is one communications application that is running on 8 x 64 way IA-64 boxes

- Marks team is working on the design of an internal MS marketing DB that will be 262TB in 2 yrs time

- Marks team is also working on an external DW thats going to be 270TB and needs 3TB of data to be loaded each day

- Marks team is working on replacing one of the largest SAP/Oracle implementations with SAP/SQL Server