New category of blog entry: SQL Myth Busters

Over the Christmas break I was reading some good stuff on Slashdot(yes I know that seems like a contradiction, especially for a Microsoft employee, but bear with me) and one of their articles was an interview with the guys on the Discovery Channels MythBusters show, during the same reading session I also read an article on Databases on slashdot, and of course the usual (incorrect) comments about SQL Server came out, along with stuff that was correct. As it always does the incorrect information annoyed me, as it was some of the same stuff that has been repeated for years. Inspired by the 2 different articles, I am going to attempt to address my frustration.

Hence following on from our OCC/Discovery theme for launch and Oracle Migrations this new category is going to be a series of entries that attempt to bust myths about SQL Server. I have a whole bunch of myths ready to go (some of these are controversial enough that I had to get them reviewed, which I don't normally do for blog entries), but I'd love to drive this series directly from myths that you are confused or frustrated by. So if you have anything you want busted either send me mail or post a comment.

The first entry follows this post by a couple of minutes, its probably one of the oldest myths, but its also probably the most divergent from the truth IMHO.