What’s new in Operations Manager 2007 R2 reporting?

Operations Manager 2007 R2 adds a set of valuable and long awaited features targeted to reporting users and report authors. Here is the list:

  • Service Level Tracking reporting.
    First step towards solving a problem of service level monitoring. Service Level Tracking "contract" along with tracking objectives needs to be created before the report could be run but they can use existing state and performance data that is already collected by the system.
  • Saving reports to a Management Pack.
    Now in addition to saving reports to Favorites and Publishing reports you can also save reports to a management pack. This solves a problem of sharing published reports with all reporting users in the organization. Reports get deployed to SSRS automatically after the management pack is imported in the system. Delete saved reports functionality is obviously also there.
  • Class filtering for report object picker.
    The feature allows filtering down search results to only certain classes of objects. Filter settings are available under "Options" button for both "Add Objects" and "Add group" functions.
    This feature has most value when the list of supported classes is defined in a management pack. Not all the management packs take advantage of this feature though yet.
  • Reporting support in Authoring console.
    Authoring console now has a new "Reporting" space and exposes all available reporting elements including Reports, linked reports, scripts and resources. This feature for sure should simplify custom repot authoring a lot. There is no integrated editor for RDL and RPDL but existing files could be easily uploaded there.
  • Improved search interface for performance rules.
    Additional fields had been added to the search dialogs to help distinguish rules with the same name.
  • Multi-selection parameters for Most Common Events report.