Agile Software Development

Lately, there has been an increasing interest in applying agile methods for software development. Practices like test driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI), highly iterative development cycles, daily team meetings, use of wikis, and others are some of the techniques that support what has been called an agile process.

My team (patterns & practices) has been using all these techniques for its internal software production process with high success. Enterprise Library are CAB are two examples of such projects.

We are lucky to have expert members in our team around this subject. Guys like Ward Cunningham, Peter Provost, Brad Wilson, Scott Densmore, Brian Button, Edward Jezierski have been strong advocates of this type of software development process. 

Everyone that gets to know how we do things, (like the war room) becomes very interested about it and usually wants to learn more. They hear about lower bug rates, increased quality, better traceability between requirements and implementation, fast turnaround of new requirements, etc.

So, how about packaging all these in a guidance offering? Take all our experience and lessons learned in applying such techniques in our environment and frame them in a way it could be used by our customers and partners on thier own projects.

Our team has interesting characteristics in terms of the deliverables it generates (books, code, tool based guidance), so it means puting together teams with very different skillsets, not just software developers (technical writers, developers, testers, marketing guys, etc) also across wide spread geographies.

What do you think? Would this be something valuable? If you think so, help us understand how, why and what would be valuable for us to do.

We've put together this survey to capture your feedback in a way that will allow us to understand the space and also work on priorities.

Thanks very much for your feedback!