CAB and Smart Client Software Factory Essential Resources

This is a compiled list of essential resources for CAB & Smart Client Software Factory I’ve been sharing with customers that have contacted me in the last months. I thought I might put them together in a single place as a quick reference:

Basic content:


· Smart Client Software Factory

· Mobile CAB

· Mobile Client Software Factory

· The online communities for CAB and the Factory are an essential resource and a must have if you are evaluating, considering or already using CAB. It's also a great place for getting help from other users. We (p&p) actively monitor the forums in both sites:

o CAB Community

o SCSF Community


Getting up to speed:

· CAB Hands-On-Labs (VB.NET & C#), a guided tour on CAB core concepts

· SCSF Hands-On-Labs (Developer oriented)

· New! SCSF Hands-On-Labs (Architecture oriented)


· 1:1, onsite training available from David Platt

Community Experts:

· Our team blogs:

o Edward Jezierski

o Peter Provost

o Mariano Szklanny

o Matias Woloski

o Blogs->this;

· Community members blogs with remarkable posts:

o Chris Holmes

o Szymon Koblaczyk

o John Socha-Leialoha

Other Community Resources:

· CABPedia


Tools & Extensions:

· Infragistics CAB Toolkit

· DeKlarit