CAB Community Drop #2

Yesterday we published the second community release of the CAB that includes almost all features planned for the Tech Preview (on Whidbey Beta 2) that we will publish during July.

It includes almost all the core services (like Event Broker, Module Loader, etc.) and also the features around the UI: SmartParts, Workspaces, etc.

Look at the QuickStart projects first:

- Bank Teller: this is a sample solution inspired in financial services scenario. It shows a teller app that shows information retrieved from different systems and composability of these parts. It's still not complete, but will give you an idea of how to assemble a whole solution

- Commands: this quick start shows the usage of the Command feature of the CAB. In particular using the command architecture for UIElements.

- EventBroker: another enhanced quickstart that showcases the eventing mechanism in CAB, including threading options and event scoping

- ModuleLoader: shows how to declare and load different modules and use the services exposed by each module. It also shows how loading on demand works to optimize initalization of an application

- SmartParts: shows the usage of SmartParts, Workspaces and WorkItems features of the CAB. In particular it shows how to build smart parts and structure them in a parent-child workitem relationship.

In this package we also included 2 sections of the forthcoming documentation: an introduction chapter that covers the purpose of the application block, scenarios covered, audiences, etc. and a design chapter that explains the fundamental structures that make CAB.

Remember you'll need NUnit installed in your machine to be able to compile and run the tests.

To download it go to the Releases section of the CAB Community Site here.

Please do send us your feedback to pagcabfb AT