CAB hands on labs, ready for download!

We've just posted a slightly modified version of the Labs content we used during the event in Redmond a couple of weeks ago. 

Checkout the downloads section of the CAB workspace the package with 7 labs, covering from the most basic CAB subsystems to the most advanced features like extending the CAB's services, replacing modules, deploying a CAB solution, etc.

Each lab provides step by step instructions with explanations of how the features work and the reason they are there.

The labs are based on the CTP version of CAB and require Whidbey Beta 2 and IIS installed (for the deployment lab).


- Install both CAB and the Labs in the SAME folder. By default, CAB installs in "Program Files\Microsoft Patterns & Practices". The "&" causes problems. Replace "&" by "and".

- The labs will install by default in "Program Files\Microsoft Patterns and Practices".

- Always run VS.NET from the Lab tool

- Always compile the solution before starting the Labs

- Use “N” and “P” keys to navigate the instructions in the lab tool

- Use “INS” key to copy code snippets to the clipboard and paste it to VS.NET

Please do let us know of any feedback you might have about this sending e-mail to pagcabfb AT 

Many thanks to Martin Granell and his team from Readify for getting everything fixed in record time and the CAB team for checking everything. 

Thanks and enjoy!