Claims based Identity Guide – New release and PDC goodness

New updated chapters & samples are posted on CodePlex. The samples are all updated for WIF RC and include new scenarios and technologies (e.g. web services with WCF and web sites with MVC).

If you are going to PDC, lot’s of interesting things are happening there. Of all things, you will have a chance to see (and speak) to the faces behind the blogs: Vittorio Bertocci, Matias Woloski, Keith Brown.

We have printed a limited amount of “preview” copies of the Guide. You can get them at Pluralsight’s (#441), patterns & practices and Identity booths.

In addition to the “previews”, Pluralsight is giving away a ton of great content: (3) Zune HDs loaded with Pluralsight On-Demand! content, Pluralsight Cloud tag t-shirts & 1-week subscriptions to Pluralsight On-Demand! . And, if let them know, they will be hosting their first-ever annual Pluralsight Customer Appreciation Party. Invite required for entrance.


Sessions you don’t want to miss:


Windows Identity Foundation Overview

Vittorio Bertocci in 403AB on Wednesday at 11:30 AM

Hear how Windows Identity Foundation makes advanced identity capabilities and open standards first class citizens in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Learn how the Claims Based access model integrates …


Claims-Based Identity

Keith Brown in 309 on Thursday at 11:30 AM

Are you interested in or currently building out applications that use claims-based identity? Come join others who are also working on similar systems and discuss your successes and pain points with …


Software + Services Identity Roadmap Update

Kim Cameron, Dmitry Sotnikov in Petree Hall D on Tuesday at 11:00 AM

At PDC 2008, Microsoft unveiled a comprehensive offering of identity software and services, based on the industry standard claims-based architecture, and designed to address the rapidly growing …


Enabling Single Sign-On to Windows Azure Applications

Hervey Wilson in 403AB on Wednesday at 3:15 PM

Learn how the Windows Identity Foundation, Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, and the claims-based architecture can be used to provide a uniform programming model for identity and single …


How Microsoft SharePoint 2010 was Built with the Windows Identity Foundation

Sesha Mani in 403AB on Thursday at 3:00 PM

Explore how SharePoint 2010 has undergone a shift in identity and access control by adopting the claims-based object model offered by Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). Learn how SharePoint 2010 …


Leveraging and Extending Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Identity Features

Venky Veeraraghavan in 403AB on Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Get an architectural and programmatic overview of Claims based Identity implemented in SharePoint 2010 including how identity is dealt with at Sign-in and for service calls both within SharePoint and …


Have a great time in L.A.!