Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7– UI Mockups

Here’re some initial sketches of how Tailspin would look like and the navigation patterns we want to implement:


  1. Home will list all available surveys to this particular user.
  2. Take Survey, allows to start one particular survey from the home page. Many can be taken at the same time.
  3. Survey Details shows metadata about a survey: estimated length, number of questions, expiration.
  4. Settings, allows user to change some preferences (e.g. notifications) and configuration (e.g. credentials)

Pressing “back” simply goes to home. Pressing “back” from Home exits the app.

The Home screen:


The “Take Survey” screen:


Users can take multiple surveys at the same time, but only one instance of each.

The “Response area” depends on the question type. We are currently planning to support:

  1. Free text
  2. Ranges (from 1 to 5)
  3. Multiple choice
  4. Voice clips 
  5. Pictures (taken with the camera)

Navigation between questions is done with a lateral gesture. Pressing “back” saves whatever answers the user entered and then goes back Home.

The “Survey Details” screen:


“Long tapping” on a specific survey shows a small context screen where the survey can be tagged as a “favorite” (for filtering) and basic info is displayed (e.g. estimated length, number of questions)

The “Settings” screen:


Not much on this one yet. We envision this screen to allow the user to enable or disable push notifications. This happens when the tailspin backend detects new surveys that match user criteria. It will also allow user to capture credential options and some other configuration. (Not sure about all this yet though)

We’ll start sharing implementations of these very soon. Let us know what you think!