Exchange 2007 SysMgmt bloggers want your input

We’re rounding out the 2nd or 3rd week of posting SysMgmt topics periodically to the MSExchangeTeam blog. Here’s our current list of posts that have made it online to date:

Title (and URL)

The new Exchange 2007 Management Console overview

Recipient Management in Exchange 2007 - Overview

Top Exchange 2003 Recipient Problems and how they're fixed in Exchange 2007

Recipient Management cmdlets introduction

Exchange Server 2007 recipient management one-liners

Understanding Exchange Server 2007 server roles

Now that we’ve reached this point, I want to hear from YOU, interested reader. Is there anything we can do to make these posts more useful to you? Topics we should cover, ways we should present the topics, etc. We’ve got another 20+ blog posts already lined up in our queue and currently being written by SysMgmt Dev/Test/PM, but I want to make sure if there’s something YOU’d like to hear about we make sure we have it on our list!

I’m also a bit curious for your opinion on how the MSExchangeTeam blog is working for this effort? Since that blog is seen by many as the location to go for Exchange 2003 blog topics, is it where you would also expect to go for Exchange 2007 content? Have you had a chance to use the Wiki and do you find that useful as a repository for this sort of content? If you prefer a blog, would it be better to have a segregated blog for the Exchange 2007 topics (or even just Exchange 2007 SysMgmt topics)?

Sorry so many questions, but please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments or send me an email through the contact form. The future depends on it.