Azure Event Hubs Geo-disaster recovery is now generally available

Geo-disaster recovery for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available! The following article gives an overview of how to enable regional disaster recovery capability for Azure Event Hubs.

Previously, the only way to protect from events which would qualify as disaster or Geo-disaster was by manually managing high availability in your respective clients, and keeping independent datacenters in different regions in sync from within your client code. Any entity created in one datacenter had to be replicated to the other datacenter.

With this new feature, this is no longer necessary. Any entity created in one “primary” namespace is replicated to a “secondary” namespace.

Please note: This release does not contain data disaster recoverability. If this is required you would still need to proceed as before. We will also add data replication at a later point in time.

This feature is only available for Azure Event Hubs Standard namespaces.

Please see the full documentation of the feature, including code samples here:

At the release date we will have Geo DR in the following regions for new Event Hubs namespaces enabled: Central US, East US, East US 2, North Central US, North Europe, South Central US, Southeast Asia, West Europe, West US, France Central, France South

Please check back for updates if your region is not in the enabled regions.